1. Every student should carry with her the School diary daily.
  2. Students should always be clean and neatly dressed. They should wear the School uniform on all class days, PTMs and School functions.
  3. Irregular attendance at School, habitual laziness, disobedience, objectionable moral influence and intentional discourtesy or disrespect to teachers, are each sufficient cause for dismissal.
  4. Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
  5. Any student who is found to have done damage of any kind in the class room or anywhere in the premises of the School has to make good the damage done.
  6. All should be particularly careful to avoid throwing remnants of food, papers etc. anywhere in the School premises except in the bins provided for the purpose.
  7. No fines of any kind or collections for any purpose whatsoever or sale may be made without the Principal's prior permission.
  8. No mobile phones, cameras, unwanted books or periodicals may be brought to the School campus. Students found with immoral books, pictures, CDs, pen drives, mobile phones etc. in their possession or seen lending them to others are liable to be expelled from the school.
  9. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
  10. When students moving along corridors or up and down the stairs, when changing classes they walk in silence and the rule is 'keep left'.
  11. Students with health problems during the school hours, can avail the facilities of the sick room only with the written permission of either the Principal or the class teacher.
  12. Pupils must attend physical education, games and other activities outside School hours when required to do so. Participation on such occasions will be deemed compulsory by the School authorities, since games and athletics play an important part in the student's all-round education.
    They will be excused from participation only on a previous written recommendation of a medical officer.
  13. Pupils of the Kindergarten should not depend on the timings of the children of the higher classes. It is advisable to arrange separate vehicles for them. Pupils who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.
  14. Pupils are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and outside the School. Hence misbehaviour of any kind in the streets and other public places justifies their dismissal.
  15. No late arrival to School may be admitted to class without the Principal's signature on the Record of Late Arrival in the School Diary. The teachers will also sign the same.
  16. School starts with an assembly. Before the commencement of the first period lessons, students recite the Prayer before study. When the last period is over, the students recite together the Prayer after class.
  17. No pupil may leave the School premises during school hours (recess time included) without the prescribed gate pass duly signed by the Principal.
  18. The School is not responsible for the loss of books, pens, money etc. Each student is responsible for her belongings. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches or fountain pens to School. Books and other property must be marked, as far as possible, with the owner's name.
  19. No meetings, demonstrations, party or picnic may be held by the students without the previous permission of the Principal.
  20. Sufficient care is taken for the security of the children, however in case of natural, accidental mishap or third party negligence; the school shall not be responsible.
  21. The school is not responsible for any unlocked vehicles or cycles. Students of class XI & XII commuting by two wheelers should wear their helmets and possess a learner's driving license. In case a student violates the rules of not wearing helmet while riding two wheeler, then the vehicle will be kept under custody for 15 days. Student should refrain from double or triple riding.
  22. A student who uses unfair means during examination will be awarded zero in that subject.
  23. There will be a PTM after every assessment / examination and parents are allowed to meet the teachers on every Tuesday after school for 20 minutes.
  24. Students are permitted to apply ‘henna’ on their palms but only with prior permission. Wearing of nose pins/two or three sets of earrings/rings or bangles is not allowed. Student should not sport long nails or apply nail paint.
  25. Condusive behaviour and good attitude is expected from the students. They must wish their teachers and formal visitors. No student should use abusive / foul language against any teacher.
  26. After the school hours all students are expected to go home. They are not allowed to go to their friend’s house for parties etc. from the school.
  27. All the students must converse in English in the school premises. English conversation at home too should be encouraged.
  28. Every student should strive to keep up the high standard of the school by excelling in studies, co-curricular activities, good conduct and maintaining a high moral character.