Student Council 2024-2025


Greetings to Esteemed Readers!

I am Diya Roy Chowdhury, the Head Girl of CARMEL CONVENT SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, LASHKAR GWALIOR. First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude towards our respected Principal and beloved Teachers who have vested their confidence unto me to serve an extremely vital role in my school as the Head Girl.

I have been granted an exemplary opportunity to serve as the Head Girl of my well-reputed institution. As Carmelites, a multitude of values and a set of skills have been instilled in our minds. One of the most prominent values I would mention is- Humility, besides other life skills. Which is why, I proudly say rather than boasting myself solely as a leader, I'm Primarily a student like everyone else, constantly seeking knowledge. I hope to serve as a good leader, a role model, someone who can inspire others to actively participate and achieve excellence, as I had when I was a little. My hobbies inlcude Writing Poems, reading books, listening to music and dancing. They are my escape from reality. Besides these I like cooking and experiment new things, as everything lucious adds a zesty flavour to life.

 My dream is to be the best version of myself than I was formely. I want to circulate a good message amongst every heart, so that we carve a better space and environment where everyone thrives. 

Thank You !


Greetings to Esteemed Readers!

I, Rudrapriya Dandotiya, am pursuing my class XI , in the PCB stream at Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School,  Gwalior. Till date, I ‘ve been fortunate and privileged to be the recipient of guidance and support from our Rev. Principal and respected teachers. It is with their mentorship I ‘ve been able to put the best of my capabilities and am continuing to work towards my betterment. My teachers have not only shaped me academically but have also instilled me with values of integrity, perseverance and compassion. Their belief in my potential as Vice-head girl has filled my determination to serve my school, which has not only made me a better student but had also taught me much beyond than just academics.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I’m highly enthusiastic about reading novels, swimming, basketball, dancing.  Moreover, these activities have taught me how to be joyful, open to challenges, creative and above all have to keep a balance in my student life. In shaping my personality my parents have played a crucial role, without them I would not have been who I’m today,

Being entrusted with this responsibility has opened my horizons of being a part of community which celebrates diversity, foster’s excellence and encourages every individual to reach their full potential.

As a Vice head girl, I express my sincerest gratitude towards my Principal and teachers.

Thank You!!!!


Greetings to Esteemed Readers!

I'm Tejaswi Tomar.  As a student of Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School, Gwalior, I had ample opportunities to participate in tournaments and various competitions. I am extremely thankful to our Principal, our inspiration and motivation. My hobbies include playing basketball, badminton and swimming. I could display a remarkable performance in the sports field under the guidance of my sports teachers and my  parents. They nurtured in me the spirit of teamwork, discipline and perseverance.                          

As a Sports Captain, I have amassed experiences, aiding me tackle diverse situations. I express my sincerest gratitude. 

Thank you.


Theme: Radiant Revolution

Motto: Ignite To Inspire, Illuminate to Innovate

This theme of Radial Revolution signifies an energetic call to action for transformative change, innovation, and collective empowerment. It reflects what Red house is all about, highlighting its commitment to fostering an environment where passion and innovation are celebrated as catalysts for positive progress,


Theme - Growth and Harmony.
 Motto- To treat everyone equally.

It depicts honesty which imbibes in students to do all the given duties with utmost honesty and should not deceive anybody in life. It also depicts wisdom which teaches students to be wise and kind to every being on the earth, Green house is appropriately named because of their link to the natural elements of the environment and are natural winners.


Theme: Stability and peacefulness

Motive: Coming together is beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

The blue house stands for innovations, inspirations and senstivity with a perfect mindset and planning. It reflects the core values of blue house, by the good level of commitment, innovation and energy to achieve success.


Theme - Imagination and Sunshine

Motto -  Starting the journey with happiness, Preparing with joyfulness and performing it with energy.

Yellow House is a team which will bring the positive change in the participants. It will be having a team spirit.It will bring lightness hue of the spectrum, It will give its best throughout the year,