Leave of Absence
  1. Leave of absence is not granted except for serious reasons and only on a previously written application of the parent/ guardian. Kindly discourage leave merely for social functions.
  2. Parents should notify in writing any absence from School owing to illness or otherwise of their ward. A Medical Certificate must be produced if a student is absent for more than a week on medical grounds.
  3. Parent/guardian who for a good reason would like to take their children home during school hours must come themselves, or submit an authorisation letter signed by them to the school office.
  4. A student will be allowed to go home only escorted by a family member during school hours.
  5. During School hours, parents/guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers or visit the class room or walk about in the School premises etc. They need permission from the Principal to do so.
  6. On return to School the absentee must produce her parent's written explanation for her absence. This note will be given to the Class Teacher to be kept in the file for record. Failure to produce explanation may result in the student being sent home.
  7. Students availing more than one week's leave of absence must get the leave note signed first by the Principal.
  8. Pupils who leave without due notice or keep away from School for more than fifteen days offering no explanation for their absence, are struck off the rolls; as a rule are not readmitted, but if readmitted they must pay their admission fee again.